How does it work ?

Sponsored by the resort and guests, the transplantation process involves attaching coral fragments onto a metal frame.  The fragments will eventually grow into new colonies, and are obtained from 2 sources :

1. Broken corals, carefully collected from the natural reef.
2. From mature coral frames, for the “second generation”.

The growth rate is amazing! Just 2-3 weeks after transplanting, the coral has attached itself onto the frame, and 2 months later, new coral growth is evident and many fish have moved in!

The proceeds from every frame go into an Environmental Fund to support the resort's marine conservation research programs, and local community environmental initiatives.

After transplanting a new frame, a strict process of monitoring and recording commences. We gather photographic evidence on all aspects of the corals growth and development, and identify the marine life that starts to colonise the frames. In the future, by increasing the reproduction of the most successful fragments, we intend to develop ever-more resistant coral offspring, better adapted to withstand higher sea water temperatures and so help the reefs in their fight against global warming.

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